Ariel Winter is obsessed with this photoshopped pic of herself

It's pretty darn hilar.

By Amber Manto

Kween Ariel is known for her crazy amazing curves and the fact she ain’t afraid to ~flaunt~ them.

So when some clever little muffin went crazy with the bloat and pucker tools on Photoshop, altering the heck out of one of her pics, Ariel thought the whole thing was rather brilliant.

“I don’t know who made this of me but ... yaaaassss,” she captioned the pic.

This actually isn't tooooo much of a stretch from reality TBH. Check out this dress she wore for her recent graduation party...

Hot diggity damn, that underboob. :-0

Grl, someone better hurry up and call 000 coz you are on ~FIAH~.