Ariel Winter wears the shortest shorts in the rain and #whynot?

Girl can't stop showing off her booty.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Ariel Winter short shorts in the rain

Ariel Winter is not one to shy away from wearing exposing outfits.

Her agenda to show off her ~curves~ has gone nek level, 'cos she just went out in the POURING rain wearing a sheer top and short as heck shorts. LEL! Ariel was off to The Peppermind Club opening in Beverly Hills, when she was caught in the rain in this outfit:

You can see her brave the weather at The Daily Mail, and give her kudos for sticking to her outfit regardless of the rain.

Ari had just come back from her tropical Bora Bora vacation, so it's safe to say she was still in holiday mode when hitting the town.

But it isn't the first time she's braved the cold in minimal clothing.

Back in November, she went out in the freeeeezing cold in a similar outfit. Does she even feel the cold?!