Luke Hemmings' girlfriend Arzaylea snaps at Bella Thorne for flirting with her bae


By Bianca Mastroianni
Arzaylea snaps at Bella Thorne for flirting with Luke Hemmings

Arzaylea is just a regular old gal dating a very non-regular rockstar, Luke Hemmings.

Dating a celebrity: life goals, but the stress is #real when every fangirl ever lusts over them.

But, Arzaylea isn't one to retract her claws when another girl makes their move on her man, even when it's someone like Bella Thorne.

Bella has had a rocky romantic life recently, only last year ending her long-term relationship with Gregg Sulkin, moving on to Tyler Posey, only to be then #spotted making out with Charlie Puth.

Now it seems like her sights are set on Luke, and Arzaylea ain't having any of it. Commenting on pics here and there and handing out likes like there's no tomorrow, Arzaylea has hit back.

Bella commented "Oh my god," which led Arzaylea to respond, "@bellathorne stay in your damn lane honey".


Here are some more pics Bella has been commenting on:

Luke and Arzaylea have been together for AGES now, so we don't think she has anything to worry about... but hey, can you blame a gal for lusting over Luke Hemmings?! We leave just as many comments Bella, DW.