Fans accuse Ashley Benson and Tyler Backburn of bullying a PLL crew member

The evidence is all over her Snapchat.

By Amber Manto

What possibly started out as a bit of a joke has majorly backfired for PLL faves Ashley and Tyler.

During their downtime on set, the two were secretly Snapchatting a new crew member Kate, who was enjoying her first day on the job.

Tyler and Ashley make requests to her which start out not too bad; a cup of ice for Tyler’s water and a time check so they know how long they have before they have to be back on set.

Pretty soon though they start badgering her and the requests become pretty obnoxious. Ashley asks for a massage and a cup of M&Ms – only the blue ones though. They get salty when Kate kindly refuses to do these things and joke she won’t last long in the job with an attitude like that.

Eventually, the hate starts rolling in on Twitter and so the two jump back on Snappy to clear up the mess.

“You guys, we’re one big family here” Ashley says, who then proceeds to let Kate in on the whole thing. Kate agrees she was aware she was being filmed and says it didn’t bother her. #TrueProfessional.

Ashley and Tyler then urge everyone to start using the hastag #PrayForKate and this is when things really kick off on Twitter.

While a lot of fans found it hilarious…

Others thought they took it way too far…

Head over to Ashley’s Snapchat (benzo33) RN and you be the judge - quick before it disappears.