The most recent celeb to get her own Barbie is so freaking on point

You're NEVER too old for a new Barbie, especially one this #FIRE.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Personally, when I was a young lass playing with my Barbie's, I somehow ended up with about 5,000 blonde haired dolls, and zero brunette ones.

Being a brunette, I found myself colouring their hair in with permanent marker. Ah, sorry for ruining the carpet, mum.

Having a Barbie made in your honour is a freaking dream come true, especially with all the variations they come in these days.

One of the most uh-mazing celeb Barbies made would probs be Zendaya's, dreads and all. But now, Ashley Graham has gotten her own Barbie too and we LOVE IT!

Mattel unveiled the doll as part of an effort to represent all women of sizes.

Ashley spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her new doll, specifying that, "She had to have her thighs touch. No ands, ifs or buts about it. And I asked for cellulite but obviously plastic and cellulite don't go hand in hand. It was important that the Barbie resembled me as much as possible. The thighs touching was one way to show young girls that it's OK for your thighs to touch, despite society saying that a 'thigh gap' is more beautiful."

"Now every girl does look like Barbie," she went on. "It's not an unattainable thing. Now, they can say, 'That's my Barbie. I look like that one.'"

Real tears.