Ashton Irwin finally reveals what's going on between him and Hailey Baldwin

And admire how polite he is to the paparazzi.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Ashton Irwin has been single for a while now (god help us all), so when he's spotted out having cawffee with a gal, it could very well be his new bae.

Ashton and Hailey Baldwin have been spotted on various occasions hanging out, so naturally, the fandom suspected there was something going on there...

While being stalked followed by TMZ, Ashton responds to their many questions, really bloody politely.

About attending the AMAs: "I'm not going. I've got a lot of Shameless to catch up on," he said. "[I like] the part where Calum watches it with me, that's good."

As for him and Hailey? "Hailey Baldwin is a very close friend of mine. She's a wonderful woman. I'm not dating her." Classy, gorgeous man.

We hope Hailey didn't dye her hair punk-rock pink just for him...