Watch Ashton Irwin nail the cup song and try not to fall in love

Even Mikey joins in <3

By Bianca Mastroianni

There was NOTHING low-key about meeting up with 5 Seconds of Summer and spending our morning eating breakky with them.

Thanks to Vegemite, the boys have returned home and teamed up with the iconic spread to promote a new #BeatTheMiteyDrum app to support our Olympians over in Rio.

Chatting exclusively to the boys, we were delighted with Ashton's incredible hidden talent... he can play the cup song. Aka the awesome Ana Kendrick Pitch Perfect scene where she auditions to be a Bella.

At around 2:03 of the above video, Ashton reveals one of the best parts of their tour so far was learning the cup song drinking game. And then proceeds to show how it's done.

Watch and be impressed.

Like we needed any more reasons to be in love with this boi. Mikey also gets involved, basically nailing it and now we are 3000% motivated to learn it ourselves.

BRB while we attempt and probs break all of Mum's fine china in the process.