We don’t mean to alarm you but Ashton Irwin is single and on Tinder

Cue: freak-outs everywhere.

By Bianca Mastroianni

This might be a lot to take in for a Monday morning but hot diggity dayum Ashton Irwin is back on the market!

The 5SOS boys have been away from home for like a million years now, so when they popped back to Oz recently for Vegemite, naturally we've had questions for them..

But back to Aston being single.

In an interview with 2DayFM, presente Sam Frost asked how Ashton handles his long-distance relationship with GF Bryana Holly, and weren't we all super surprised when Ashton replied with a cool: ""Oh I don't have a girlfriend anymore. I'm a lone wolf, I know. I'm on my own.​"OH... OK!

We totally #Shipped them as a couple, but not as much as we #Ship Ashton dating say, any one of us.

Just to add to the excitement, while Ashy-poo is on the same continent as us you may want to jump onto Tinder and try your hand at matching with him because YUP he's on there.

He told Nova 96.5FM that he totally downloaded the app for "functionality purposes" (K?) but it was all because of Facebook.

"I have a valid point here, it connects to your Facebook is that correct? I don't want that.

"I've been on it and people come up from the crew so it's a bit awkward. I've taken a look.. I was just checking out the functionality of the thing."

Yeah yeah, whatever just SWIPE RIGHT PLZ!