Six Aussie fans have been majorly ripped off due to those cancelled Justin Bieber meet and greets

$30K to be exact.

By Amber Manto
Justin Bieber

If you thought losing $2000 because JB had cancelled his meet and greets was bad, then imagine being ripped off a whopping $30,000!

That’s the figure six dedicated Aussie fans forked out to see + meet the Biebs on his Purpose tour, only to have all their hopes and dreams crushed. They’d all worked extra shifts/multiple jobs to save the cash need for the flights from Oz + hotel rooms + VIP tour ticket expenses which came to grand total of $30K for the six of them.

“We have always wanted to see Justin perform at Madison Square Garden and we just decided to make a trip out out of it,” one of the girls Teresa, 20, told HollywoodLife.com. “I’ve been working two jobs.”

When the news broke that Biebs wouldn’t be meeting fans after the concerts cause they left him feeling "drained", Teresa said her and her friends “felt heartbroken.”

“We are glad he’s putting his mental health first. Our issue is with the promoters because they're not giving even a partial refund.”

Promoters did offer full refunds but that meant forfeiting the concert ticket too. They'e since revised this and offered a small refund, but not anywhere near enough. Even crazier, to compensate for not meeting the Biebs himself, promoters have employed a cardboard cut-out as a meet and greet stand-in; A 2D JB.

Obviously these girls can still go and enjoy their trip and the concert, but it’s quite the journey to make when you’re not getting what you paid for. A change.org petition has since been created, urging promoters to cough up a fair amount of the cash they've pocketed for this failed fan experience.

Here's hoping they listen. XOXO