Awks.. Bella Hadid got sprung stalking a pic of her ex and we feel her pain

That feeling when your finger slips.

By Jessica Lynch

We’ve all been there.

You’re having a casual stalk scroll through your ex’s Instagram page, y’know just to check out how they’re going and stuff, right?

Suddenly you’re tapping in to a photo to have a bit of a gander up close, and as if it has a mind of its own, your thumb gives the dreaded double-tap (double cringe points if you’re already 76 weeks deep).

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This whole nightmare-inducing scenario is something we all worry about, but spare a thought for Bella Hadid, who not only did this to a photo of her ex-boyf The Weeknd, but was tagged and had the offending ‘like’ screenshot long before she could unlike the pic.

While the photo, which showed The Weeknd on the cover of Forbes magazine, wasn’t actually on the singers 'gram (Bella no longer follows him), she did like the photo of her former flame on The Shade Room’s page.

Social media, as always, was quick to point it out - perhaps prompting Bella to get rid of the damning evidence ASAP.

But the damage was already done..

A lesson for us all, people. A lesson for us all.

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