Pretty shocking info about Bella Hadid as a Victoria's Secret model has us shook

We bet they're eating their words now...

By Bianca Mastroianni
Bella Hadid was rejected from 2015 Victoria's Secret show

FACT: Bella Hadid was the highlight of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year.

This year has seen the rise of Bella in the modelling world, but it hasn't always been so easy for her.

Last year, her sister Gigi was #blessed by being accepted into the VS show. We all remember that emosh vid... but didja know Bella was rejected?

In an interview with Paper magazine, she admits that "I tried last year [to be cast in] the show, but I think everything happens for a reason."

Maybe it wasn't her time, and tbf if we had TWO Hadid's debuting at the same time we might have been overloaded with way too much beauty & grace.

Take her rejection, and now MASSIVE success as a point of motivation for y'all. Determination wins.