Bella Hadid had THIS to say about that awkward-as-hell exchange with The Weeknd

She has a lil message for him too...

By Amber Manto

When this moment happened at the Victoria's Secret parade yesterday the look on our kween's face pretty much said what she was thinking...

At least we thought it did.

Kween Bella has now explained WHY she wasn't smiling and it wasn't because she'd just suffered a major attack of the "seeing-your-ex-for-the-first-time-since-a-breakup" heart palpitations. She was actually struck down with a case of NERVES coz of the show.

She later posted a pic of the moment on Instagram, and even tagged The Weeknd in it... probs so he could remember just how freaking good she looked.

“I can't believe it! I was smiling SO HUGE on the inside I promise!!!! The most fun and nerve racking experience of my life but I wish I could do it over and over and over again!!!!! Thank you @theweeknd for being the best and most incredible performer on the planet. You KILLED it, as always," she wrote on the post.

No Bella, YOU killed it you god-damn queen.

Let this be a lesson for us all, when you see your ex just strut on past like the confidence babe you are, even if you're slowly dying inside.