Bella Hadid auditions for the Victoria's Secret casting and LOOK at her insane bod

Find out if she'll be walking in this years show...

By Bianca Mastroianni

Many of us remember the moment in history last year, when Gigi Hadid was told she made it into the Victoria's Secret Runway Show.

It was a tear-jerker, espesh cos she would be joined by her BFF Kendall, and boy did they rock the show. BUT, a certain other Hadid was missing, and she's making up for her loss this year.

Auditioning for the runway, Bella firstly showed off her bod and holy moly is she even real?!

Her walk/audition was clearly spot on, but at the time she wasn't so sure. "I have no idea, because I kind of feel like I black out when I get out there."

But, little did she know she totally smashed it, and had made it into this year's show!!!! The event will be held this year in Paris, and televised December 5th.