We're officially #shipping Demi Lovato and Bella Thorne

And you should too.

By Bianca Mastroianni

A couple of moons ago, Charlie Puth attempted to publicly woo Bella Thorne on Twitter.


While we cringed our way through reading the awkward back & forth, one fan decided to interrupt and push Bella towards Demi Lovato.

"🌸 my babe @bellathorne and @ddlovato need to go out together 🌸" a fan suggested.

Unfortunately for Charlie, it seems like Bella took her advice over his advances, taking to Twitter to express her luv for Demi's new Glamour magazine cover.

"Now that's what I call a #wcw look at those freckles 😍 @ddlovato," Bella captioned the pic.

Side note: HOW amazing is Demi looking?!

Demz saw the compliment, immediately replying with: "@bellathorne the #wcw is 1000% mutual pretty girl 😻."

We're shook. Tyler who?