Bella Thorne has called Patrick Schwarzenegger staaanky

Way to make a makeout session awkward...

By Bianca Mastroianni

When you film an ~epic romance~ it's expected you're gonna get pretty up-close and personal with your on-screen bae.

Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger have been doing exactly that for their upcoming movie Midnight Sun and as ~steamy~ as some shots look, Bella holds a different stance.

"He smelled really bad and I asked if I had to keep there the whole scene...and I did... ;)"

NGL her face looks super-uncomfortable, sort of like she has been holding her breath for a while.

Although the winky face leads us to believe this is part of a personal joke with Patrick, especially considering his response.

"You love my smell. I smell like craft services."

Not too sure what that means... but what WE smell is some flirtin' going on.


In the flick, Bella plays a girl named Katie who has been confined to the inside of her house her entire life due to a rare disease that makes contact with sunlight deadly.

But along comes Charlie (Patrick) to give her a summer romance that features multiple makeout sessions and romantic scenes.

Yaaas, this is what we're here for.