Bella Thorne speaks out on her ~obsession~ with Dove Cameron

We ship these two hard!

By Jessica Lynch

It’s no secret that Bella Thorne’s a huge fan of Dove Cameron, as seen by their super flirty exchanges over Twitter, and now the Famous and Love babe has spoken out in an interview about her total ~obsession~ over the Descendants starlet.

Speaking to People, she said, "I love her. Honestly, I do want to wife her. She’s just so beautiful and talented. She’s funny and she has this like beautiful angelic image and it’s just like ‘ah Dove.’ It totally goes with her name and then you meet her and that girl is down. She’s so cool, talks with a lower register voice like me. I don’t meet many girls like that so that’s cool and she’s just like so chill and open you know and you just don’t meet people like that so it’s really, I really like her."

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After hearing the super sweet compliments, Dove took to Twitter to voice her feelings over Bell’s kind words.


Even though Dove is currently dating Descendants co-star Thomas Doherty and Bella seeing party boy Scott Disick, we reckon these two would make the world’s most adorable couple.