Bella Thorne has been getting real honest about her split with Gregg Sulkin on Twitter

No filter for Miss Bella, thank you.

By Sammy Stewart

Rather than following the clichéd Hollywood breakup routine of demanding privacy and posting unrealistic messages about "love and support" (~cough~ looking @ U, Calvin Harris), Bella Thorne has decided to handle her split with Gregg Sulkin a bit differently.

Since announcing their breakup on Monday, fans have been flooding Bella with support and she has totally been replying.

This fan wanted Bella to know she is sending her ~all da luv~:

While this fan wanted an explanation as to why the cute couple broke up:

Since the two did have babies, well, um, cats, Bella also explained who will get custody...

Need another reason to mourn the loss of your favourite couple? Bella also tweeted THIS:

Even going through a breakup, Bella and Gregg are perfect.