Bella Thorne claps back at a fan who shamed her for having hairy legs

Plz, let a girl live.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Bella Thorne shuts down a fan who tells her to shave her legs

If you know Bella Thorne, you'll know that she has a IDGAF attitude towards, well, anything.

Especially a fan telling her how she should look...

If you remember, Bella turned UP at the American Music Awards looking like a total bae, and as much praise as she got... one fan called her out for not shaving her legs.

For any understanding gal reading this, you'll wanna punch this dude in the face. Can't you SEE she's wearing pants for a reason. Epic eye-roll.

Fans quickly stuck up for her, but Bellz doesn't need it. She came to her own defence with the best clap-back ever.

"HAHAHHA NEVER" she replied.

Plez, let a girl live.

This entire thing comes just after her recent interview with Maxim magazine, where she opens up about some of the negativity she gets from people on social media.

"I used to be upset when I would see the comments," she said. "But I've started to realize that [commenters] may be going out of their way to make people feel bad about themselves because they have their own insecurities."

"Sometimes I just want to say, 'F** 'em, get off my socials, dawg. There's always somebody that tells me to change," she continued. "My fan base likes me because I'm a regular teenage girl, and if you don't like it, don't follow me."*