Bella Thorne has just taken her relationship with Tyler Posey to the NEK LEVEL

These comments have gotta hit poor Gregg in the feels.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If you've recovered from Bella Thorne tweeting about Tyler Posey being her ~soUlMaTe~, then #soz because this one might just get ya.

Yeahhh, we're happy for them yada yada, but we even mentioned before that Gregg Sulkin would probably take offence to her use of "finally", and we think he's just told us how he feels...

"Don't know if this is draining or amusing or saddening," he tweeted.

Okay, so he doesn't officially claim it's over Bella and Tyler, and a lot of people think he's talking about the current political debate in 'Murrica, BUT we're gonna go ahead and say this ones about his broken lil' heart. Plus...he's British.



Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey have not held back on the PDA since going public.

There have been public kisses, confessions of LOVE, icky nicknames and even crossing over to the comfort level of talking about your partners poop. Yeh, that happened.

Some may call it ~young love~, and heck, she was showing the same kind of passion for Gregg when she was previously dating him... but her latest comment has got to hit him right in the feels in probably the worst way possible.

"When you meet finally meet your soul mate ❤️💚🎈🎸✨🍁👓🐺🌲🌝 oh and ps. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SKATEBOARD EMOJI !?" She tweeted.

Okay, so we're pretty interested to know where the skateboard emoji is too, but let's rewind to that flippant "finally" she adds in there. Ouch.

On one hand - happy for her and Tyler, but on another, we're sending all the love out to Gregg RN.