Watch Bella Thorne dance half-naked in Tyler Posey’s underwear

Super scandalous.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Something that you should probably get real used to is Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey being super open about their relationship on social media.

They post about ten thousand steamy as heck pics a day, and now, they've discovered videos.

Bella Thorne has uploaded a new video on her Instagram story and profile, with both captions: "Guess what this is for" and "#His boxers were made for me."


We're presented with a half-naked, very tanned Bella Thorne in her bra and Tyler's undies, dancing around to Ciara's Goodies, but something tells us (from her full face of makeup) that this isn't just for fun.

She of course posted more of herself on her Snapchat, because you have to cover all social media bases for it to be #legit. But this time she was dancing to Tyler's band.

Is there a music video in the works? Should they contact Zayn and Gigi for tips? Only time will tell...