15 reasons Khloé is the deadest BEST Kardashian


By Emily Kerr

1. First up, Koko ALWAYS says what she thinks:

2. She doesn’t stand for any BS:

3. And always has the best comebacks:

4. Her confidence levels are hella inspiring. PREACH, GURL!

5. She’s a bit of a feminist #kween tbf:

6. And a body image hero.

7. She’s also got brains, and thinks outside the box:

8. She’s H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. Don’t pretend you don’t cry-laugh every time she bags on Kris Jenner:

9. Or Kim, for that matter.

10. When Khloé tried to take a selfie with an animal:

Vs. when Kim tried it:

11. You can tell she’s an incredibly loving and caring person by the way she dotes on Lamar. <3

12. And by how much he loves her right back. <3<3

13. In fact, she has EVERYONE’S backs.

14. You just KNOW she’d be the most fun at a party.

15. But most importantly, she keeps it real.

Case closed.