Beyoncé's earring ripped off mid-concert so now people are #CuttingForBeyoncé and PLZ DON'T

This is ~way~ too far.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Fandom's are fickle things. One minute they're singing along to their artists' songs, and the next they're cutting off limbs. PLZ STOP!

We saw it with Beliebers when he cut his hair, and Directioners when Zayn left the band... but now it's a more mature crown losing their absolute marbles - the Beyhive.

At a Barclays concert Saturday night, Beyoncé was doin' what she does best, except this time she accidentally ripped her own earring out. Horrifying yes, but the kween didn't let it stop her performance, even with blood dripping down her face.

Kudos for the professionalism and such, but it's sparked a whole new craze in her fandom, where they have started trending #CutForBeyonce, and we're scared.

Some of the posts were getting quite graphic, which is MENTAL. If you're an avid fan of Beyonce, then buy her tunes and copy her style, but plz, don't harm yourself in the name of ~admiration~.

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