Billie Lourde has finally revealed why Chanel #3 always wears earmuffs

This is mind-blowing.

By Matt Galea
Billie Lourde has finally revealed why Chanel #3 always wears earmuffs

Ever wondered why the ~moody~ af Chanel #3 is wearing earmuffs in every damn scene? Yep, us too! And we finally have the answer.

Billie Lourde, 24, recently appeared on US talk show, LIVE with Kelly and was, of course, asked about her signature look: the earmuffs.

"Whose idea was that? ‘Cos it’s clearly that’s a tribute to your mom, Carrie Fisher from Star Wars as Princess Leia,” the host asked.

"It didn’t really start out as that. It started out as just an aesthetics thing,” Lourde responded. "I went into the fitting room and they were laying there and I was like ‘this is genius, this is like the ideal cult thing for me to wear. This is my family tradition, I need to do this!”

Billie is the daughter of Carrie Fisher, the actress who played the iconic character, Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise.

The Princess always had two buns on either side of her head, therefore the earmuffs were a nod to Leia’s hairstyle.

Billie continued: “People became so obsessed with them and I became so deeply attached to them in a weird way that it became part of my character and Brad Falchuk wrote the reason that it was because my ex-boyfriend was so obsessed with my ears that if he ever saw them, he’d threaten to cut them off.”

Dark stuff, right? That's the magic of Scream Queens!

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Uh, you're welcome!

Because of Chanel #3’s major influence on style rn, there has reportedly been a massive spike in earmuff sales. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out Billie’s interview below although we should warn you, you may not recognise her 'cos she actually smiles here!