Bindi Irwin had NEVER tried this drink before her 18th birthday

It's not what you're thinking either.

By Amber Manto

It’s official: Bindi can officially hit the D-floor in a club and order a glass of Champagne coz girl is now 18.

Aside from the standard birthday cake celebration at the Australian Wildlife Park…

And touching/reflective Insta posts...

Bindi did something on her 18th which she has never done before: she had a glass of Coca Cola.

Yes, the sugary drink has apparently never touched her lips and we are just as shocked as you are.

Chatting with ET! about her bday plans Bindi said:

"I've never had a Coca-Cola before. [My] mum always tried to limit us on soft drinks and things like that, [but] I think that now I'm allowed to have a Coca-Cola. I think?"

Er, yeah we think you're good Bindi. Cheers!