Bindi Irwin has few things to say about Ariel Winter


By Amber Manto

In what might be the most unlikely celeb friendship of 2016, Aussie princess Bindi Irwin and kween Ariel Winter are apparently pretty chummy.

TBH, we love a bit of Bindi and we love, love, love a bit of Ariel so we are 100% shipping this friendSHIP.

Chatting with ET Bindi revealed they follow each other on Twitter and Instagram, and she had nothing but good things to say about Ariel.

“She's an amazing person […] I love her so much because she has got to be one of the strongest women that I know. You look at what she posts and just as an individual she's a lovely being - she's a girl with a message!"

Bindi didn’t stop there though, she reckons Ariel is also kween of body confidence.

"I think that what's delightful is she does inspire so many young girls just to love who they are."

“We all have to... be thankful for the bodies that we've been given because our bodies […] and I love that Ariel Winter is just so involved with preaching that message and preaching to everybody that you have to... just love whatever body you've been given."

Well hot damn, just when we think we can't love these two any more.