Briana Jungwirth is apparently furious with Louis Tomlinson and this might be why…

Poor Luigi

By Sammy Stewart
Louis Tomlinson, Briana Jungwirth, Danielle Campbell

Baby mama Briana Jungwirth is VERY protective of her precious TomlinSON Freddie Reign. So it’s no surprise she’s kinda annoyed with Louis RN.

Well, ~apparently~.

A few weeks back Louis and GF Danielle Campbell were spotted out with baby Freddie, which DID NOT go down well with Bri after she reportedly ~banned~ Dani from seeing her bbz.

"Briana thinks Louis is a good dad and wants him to see Freddie, but she's not happy he's introduced their son to Danielle,” a source told Now.

“She doesn't want the baby spending time with someone who might not be around forever. Briana's main concern is Freddie's happiness. It's a fraught situation."

Hmm, we’re sensing a bit of bad blood.

In the past Briana has expressed she’s not so keen on Danielle spending a lot of time with her newborn baby, which her cousin basically confirmed with this Insta comment:


Let’s hope these two can sort out their differences ASAP for the sake of Freddie.