Has Briana Jungwirth found love with another boyband star?

The fandom has theories.

By Sammy Stewart

Briana Jungwirth, the mother of his royal highness Prince Freddie Reign Tomlinson of the 1D legacy appears to have found another suitor...

AND he's in a boyband.

Thankfully, it's no one you really know this time so you don't need to worry your precious little hearts.

Fans of a band called 'After Romeo' however, should be worried.

Directioners following Briana's every move have noticed that she's been giving out A LOT of love on Jayk Purdy's Instagram account.

Firstly, there was this declaration of love going both ways:

Briana apparently has another ~private~ Instagram account, @BrianaJPrivate where she has been known to post pictures of mysterious boys with even more mysterious captions. One of those pictures, according to investigative twitter account @1DGate was with Jayk.

Aside from the back and forth 'likes' and flirty comments, the theory goes a step further and suggests that Jayk is all apart of the whole #BabyGate set up.

You ready? We're going deep..

According to posts from @BlueGreenKeys, Jayk started off in a band called Varsity Fanclub, who were supposed to succeed One Direction.

Now throwback to July 15th 2015 and an anonymous person running an After Romeo - his current band which is managed by SyCo- twitter account threw out the idea that Jayk got someone preggers.

Put two and two together and basically the internet thinks Jayk could be the real daddy of Freddie.

On that same day, Louis tweeted THESE ~suspicious~ looking tweets:

TL;DR version? Some fans reckon #BabyGate was originally meant to be a stunt to give Simon Cowell's other band a boost of fame, but since no one knew who Jayk was, they used Louis to create initial interest.

Oh, and bottom line, #LarryIsReal.

It's pretty crazy, but hey, it worked...