Briana Jungwirth's new Instagram follow has us majorly raising our brows

Could this be in spite of Louis? We have theories.

By Bianca Mastroianni

There is a whole lot of dramz that goes on behind closed doors between Baby Mama Briana and Louis, that's fo' sure.

As Bri has become a more well-known presence on social media, fans have become more avid in following her evvvvvery move.


^ Legit all directioners.

Literally nothing can get past these fangirls, espesh since they have the hacking ability of an FBI agent. Remember this spectacular airport security camera debacle?

Case in point.

A couple of days ago fan noticed Bri unfollowed Louis on Instagram and speculated it was because Louis was quick to defend GF Danielle about her privacy but has never defended Bri and Freddie...


He's still up for celeb dad of the year thoooo.... #Soznotsoz.

It's always seemed chilly between the two parents, but now Bri has followed someone and it could be a ~personal attack~ on Louis... or so some people think.

Hint: It involves #Larry.

OOFT! it just got shaaaady in here.

No word on whether Harry has even noticed the new fan, but heck he is busy RN filming Dunkirk with his ~gorgeous~ new haircut.

So whyyyy do we think she has made this epic move on her Insta? We have thoughts.

She is trying to get back at Louis

There have always been #Larry rumours swirling around the fandom, but more importantly it's obvious Louis and Harry are the closest in the band.

ALTHOUGH, recently there has been talk that Harry and Louis are on bad terms, and Harry is doing everything he can to make life hard for Louis.

Maybe Briana is trying to get in on #TeamHarry and befriend Louis' new ~enemy~ ?!?!

Briana is trying to make Louis jealous

Take this how you will, but Briana is maybe trying to get Louis' attention by getting Harry's attention. She could be pretending to have a crush on Hazza so Louis gets jealous and stakes claim on Bri and tells Harreh to back off. One thing's for sure, this is becoming a willllld love triangle.

She's a legit fan of Hazza

Really this wouldn't be that surprising, the fact she wasn't following Harry in the first place is appalling. Who doesn't want to follow the frog prince on Instagram?!

Just look at him...

There are endless possibilities... but it's safe to say that Bri is nahhht happy with Louis RN and is possibly trying her best to make it known.

NGL we would be sad too if our baby-daddy was Louis and he had a new GF... but we totally ship #DaniLou soo...

As for Bri following Bella Hadid we're thinking it's because fans are saying they look real similar, which we can kinda... sorrrta see. If you squint a little and turn your head on a 45-degree angle or sumthin'.

What do you think?

So many questions.