Briana Jungwirth's Instagram has been hacked and it's getting NASTY

We are uncomfortable.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Briana Jungwirth's Instagram gets hacked

Welcome to 2017!! First up, Briana Jungwirth has been hacked and it's weird af.

Her name has been changed to what we won't repeat (but you can read for yourself above), and many strange photos have been uploaded.

The offender seems to be "having fun," but plans to give her account back soon...

The ~hacker's~ own Instagram goes by the name @earthisgay, and they've claimed they'll "hack all night," or at least until they get enough comments...

Briana has defs lost all control over her Insta, as she's taken to Twitter to let out her frustration, and uh, vengeance.

"you seriously have nothing better to do than hack an innocent mother's Instagram. You are sick.

"I will make sure to find you."


Poor Briana really can't catch a break, as her followers don't even have sympathy for her.