Briana Jungwirth is ~apparently~ not a big fan of Danielle Campbell

Oh, and we have another pic of the adorbz bubs too.

We weren’t sure what would happen with this whole DaniLou thing once lil Freddie Reign came along, but it seems that the two are still going strong and Briana is ~apparently~ not too happy about it. She wants him to be spending time with her and bubs only, not Dani - at least, that's what sources would have us believe so ya know, take all this with a grain of salt.

Anyways, to make things even more awkward, Louis appaz wants Danielle to meet his lil lad, but these same ~mysterious~ sources have said Bri and her fam are not having any of it.

“Briana wants Louis around. It was hard on her having him start dating another girl while she was pregnant,” a guy called Luke Poole, Bri’s supposed close friend who we’ve never heard of up until now, told UK’s Heat magazine.

"She's understandably jealous. Briana likes him and hopes, now the baby's here, that Louis understands she needs to be a more important figure in his life - she's got hope [for a relationship] in the future."

Yeah, we can imagine that Bri would have hoped the bbz would have made Louis realise how much he loves her – and bring them closer together like one big happy family. But it seems that plan has well and truly backfired, and Louis only has eyes for Dani. Ya know, if this is even true which it probs isn't.

Meanwhile, over at camp Dani, things aren’t that peachy keen either with the arrival of the new prince causing things to get ~tense~ between her and Louis.

“Danielle is feeling frozen out by the situation and Louis is trying to keep the peace with everyone. Things are quite tense,” a very chatty and surprisingly knowledgeable source told Closer magazine.

“He and Danielle are becoming close and he would like her to be a part of her son's life. But Briana has said it's too much too soon. It's all a bit complicated at the moment."

Yeah, sounds it. Almost as believable as an episode of PLL. We can't wait for the next installment. Hang in there guys cos if you believe these ~sources~ then things are only going to get more intense from here.

But before we leave you to soak all that nonsense in, here's another snap of the Fresh Prince of Doncaster with Bri's little brother, Austin. XOXO

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