Briana Jungwirth and Louis Tomlinson are already arguing over where Freddie will spend Christmas

Cue: drama.

By Amber Manto

Anyone whose parents are separated/divorced/remarried would know the struggle around holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

Who do you spend it with? Mornings with mum, afternoon with Dad? This is exactly what’s happening to poor Freddie Reign, with Mama Bri and Louis reportedly arguing over who will get bub for his first-ever Christmas.

We know it’s a looong way off to be worry about such things but apparently Papa Louis was keen it sorted asap.

"Louis wants to bring Freddie home to Doncaster at Christmas but at the moment Briana won't let that happen,” a ~mysterious~ source told Now Magazine.

“He hoped by making the arrangements early, Briana might co-operate. He even offered to pay for her to visit London on the same dates so she's not far away,” they added.

However apparently Bri is not keen on that idea as she wants the bb all to herself.

The source added: "She's totally rejected the idea and is talking about taking Freddie to Hawaii with her family for the holidays. As it is Briana would make it difficult for Louis to see Freddie if she knew Danielle was in LA too."

If this is the case, Louis might be keen to get this custody battle sorted sooner rather than later.