Briana Jungwirth shares a pic that confirms Freddie *really* is her child

Time to come up with some new conspiracy theories.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Briana Jungwirth was hot in the limelight during her pregnancy, but, she always managed to keep the personal aspects of her life, just that.

Although many rumours were thrown her way about not really being pregnant, and faking the whole thing, she only shared a couple of candid shots with the pregnant belly. Many, that didn't really show her face. Fans just weren't convinced.

Since baby Freddie has been born, she has done the complete opposite and shared mannnny photos of him online (which we are V grateful for, BTW).

Now, she's shared a #throwback photo of herself from when she was pregnant at three months. She's in her undies, so you can see she's definitely pregnant. Hmm.

"Tb to a little 3 month bump. Now almost a year old. Oh how the time just goes. Why its so important to cherish the days as they come," she captioned the pic.

That'll quiet a lot of haters we guess?

And yea, it's nearly baby Freddie's first birthday!!! Oh how time flies.