Briana Jungwirth finally speaks up about Freddie being fake

The moment we've all been waiting for.

By Amber Manto
Briana Jungwirth

Who would have thought when we woke up this morning that today would be the day the whole world would be asking the question: Is Freddie Reign real or a Larry cover-up?

Pre-baby there were a heap of conspiracy theories floating around with many of the fandom claiming the whole thing was a PR stunt. When we saw an actual real-life bb back in January we thought it'd be RIP theories, but not so.

Today they gained even MORE momentum after a few news outlets finally cottoned on to the whole thing. This got the fandom fired up all over again and eventually #Freddie was trending on Twitter.

But Briana was not standing for any of this hate and after MTV News posted this on Insta with the caption "Where's Freddie #LarryIsReal"...

She lost any bit of new-mum chill had left and let rip in the comments section...

BOOM! Shut down. We're gonna need a nice cold drink to cool down after all that fire.

Bri is 100 per cent adamant that lil Freddie is a real-life, 3D, living and breathing human being, not a doll – as the fandom keeps claiming. And really considering we've seen the best part of 20 photos since his birth, including three fresh ones today, it does seem rather an elaborate plan, even for Modest! Management.

It appears mama Bri and Papa Lou are forming a united front on this one. Since part of the theory is based around the fact B+W photos (which is what many of the baby photos are - particularly those full face ones) can make a doll look more realistic, Louis blessed us all this morning with a full colour pic of his lil soccer player.

Weirdly, Bri was not following her baby daddy on Insta but this morning that all changed when she hit the green button and left a cute comment on this very pic.

Hmmm maybe what the fandom needs is an actual family video... and we'll just leave that idea there. XX