Here's another Briana Jungwirth rumour to make you LOL

So many 'sources' so little time...

Another day, another dramatic ~theory~ regarding the hottest love triangle for 2016, Louis Tomlinson, Briana Jungwirth and Harry Styles, uh, we mean Danielle Campbell...

When Bri-mumma isn't going to war with Larry Stylinson shippers, she is apparently spending her days talking to people about her relationship with Louis, and how Danielle Campbell is ~"nonexistent"` in his life...

A 'source' has told InTouch that "Briana was threatening legal action before [Louis was supporting her financially], but since they've been playing house, she's been elated."

We say it's all them mummy hormones she's experiencing RN.

Bri also seems to have a lot to say about Louis current bae Danielle, supposedly thinking "It's as if Briana considers Danielle nonexistent​," the source said. "​I think she thinks she could be with Louis forever.​"

Another reliable source has told Hollywood Life that "​Louis doesn't want to leave Freddie's side and when he isn't with Freddie he's either texting or on the phone with Briana asking for updates.

"He doesn't want to miss a thing when it comes to Freddie.​"

A+++ for daddy points Loulou.

Ah, the life and lies of the Tomlinson clan.

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