Briana Jungwirth has officially declared WW1D on Louis Tomlinson's GF Danielle Campbell


By Sammy Stewart

Briana Jungwirth has declared WW1D on Louis Tomlinson's GF Danielle Campbell and the internet is losing its damn mind.

Not long ago, pap photos of Louis, Danielle Campbell and lil bb Freddie emerged of the cute little squad hanging out on a beach in LA.

As soon as Briana Jungwirth saw the photos, she decided it was time to publically clear the air with her baby daddy's GF to her 33K Twitter followers...

WARNING: You are about to read a tweet so salty we suggest you apply water directly to eyes to avoid feeling the burn.


As you can imagine, there was so much tea being spilt...

It's no secret Briana Jungwirth isn't a big fan of Danielle Campbell (she probs has stopped watching The Originals TBH). Earlier this year it was reported that Briana got level 10 jealous when she realised Danielle spends time with Freddie as sources revealed to TMZ that Freddie returned home "smelling like Danielle's perfume."

Since she has declared WW1D on the Sassmaster of Doncaster's GF, we're just going to grab some snacks and wait for Louis to reply...