Briana Jungwirth goes on an insane Twitter rampage, saying she's been "played"

Could this be aimed at Louis?

By Bianca Mastroianni

We like to keep one eye on Briana Jungwirth at all times, mainly because she's constantly sharing ADORABLE photos of baby Freddie, but also because she can go a little haywire on social media sometimes.

We all know things between her and Louis are icy, but she moved on to a new bae, Jayk Purdy.

Seems like things haven't gone so well though, because she has made it V clear on Twitter that she is #overit.

She initially posted: "wow to think you were someone special. my bad! you're beyond f-d up! never have I been played that bad. #stayingsingle." Ouch.

The hate is defs not targeted at Louis, responding to a fan that "louis has nothing to do with this.." So our money is on Jayk.

She didn't end it there, continuing with: "oh and f-k you!!!!!!"

Girl is annnngry. Leaving the topic on a final note, she decided that positivity is key, after shredding the man to hell...

"changing up my vibe today! no room for negativity. hope you all have a fun and safe weekend :)."

The next day, after her rampage, she made some more comments but this time directed at the ~fans~ and not a certain ex.

"some of u are so mean. u don't know my story u just think u do. if u don't truly know someone, give them a chance. surely u'll be surprised."

She continued with: "people assume so much of my life. its crazy how much u don't know. I have so much respect for all of u cause I don't know what u go through."


BUT, after hating on love and urging us all to #staysingle, she tweeted again saying "god I'm a hopeless romantic," and now we're all sufficiently confused, exhausted and in desperate need of a nap.