Briana Jungwirth is doing what she can to get 'Larry' shippers in jail

The war on Larries continues.

By Bianca Mastroianni

#LarriesAreGoingToJailParty started trending on Twitter yesterday, and it's all thanks to Ms Baby Mama herself - Briana Jungwirth.

Apparently BJ told ~somebody~ she would like all Larry #shippers to go to jail, and the rumour has spread like wildfire.

It's been pretty obvi Briana has had mad h8 for Larry shipper since day one, we mean they've basically accused Freddie of being a doll since the beginning. And if you give her Instagram a stalk, you'll see comments are littered with #LARRY.

But Larry shippers will do what they do best, and that's add fuel to the fire. Clearly, it's 3000% imposs for Bri to send any shipper to jail, and boy do they know it.

But basically the best thing to come from this is the Twitter reactions. This is why we love this fandom.

Officially #ded. Guess if you stop hearing from us soon you can write us in jail. Otherwise, see all you fellow shippers soon in the slammer. XX