Briana Jungwirth has unfollowed Louis on Instagram and THIS could be why…

Mama Bri's not happy.

By Sammy Stewart

Now that Freddie Reign Tomlinson has been born and the universe is pretty convinced he’s real, you’d think all the drama between Louis and Briana would have settled, right?


A while back it was reported that protective Baby Mama Bri was annoyed cos Louis allowed his GF Danielle to spend time with baby Freddie.

But when the world started to speculate about Freddie’s actual existence, Louis and Briana realised they needed to join forces and make peace, resulting in Bri waving her white flag and following Louis on Instagram.

Well, it seems these new parents have hit another iceberg.

Briana has not only unfollowed Louis, she’s also decided she doesn’t want to follow his mum Johanna anymore either.

So why the need for the unfollowing spree, Bri?

The common theory amongst the fandom all comes down to THOSE photos of Louis and Danielle on holiday.

Basically, because Louis defended Danielle’s invasion of privacy but has never said anything on Twitter regarding Briana or Freddie, it seems to have rubbed Baby Mama up the wrong way.

Although... we're not too sure why she's unfollowed him and his mama on Insty rather than talking to him in private...

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