YUP, Britney Spears is headed to Carpool Karaoke and we're dead

This is not a drill.

By Bianca Mastroianni

You heard that SO correctly babes, the kween of all kweens is making her way to Carpool Karaoke and we're calling it: it'll be the best one yet.

So far, we've seen some pretty outstanding Carpools featuring One Direction, Seleenz, and even Demi & Nick Jonas - incred. BUT can you just imagine what's going to go down with BRITNEY FREAKING SPEARS?!


There's really no better tune to sing on a road trip than a Britney song, so we're anticipating some of her best beats to get belted out. And can you just imagine James Corden thrown in the mix!? Ugh. What did we do to deserve this?


We will be graced with this epic episode on August 25th - a day before she drops her new album Glory.

We are welcoming back Britney in our pop culture lives with damn open arms, that's for sure.