Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz might get their own reality TV show

Step aside Kim.

By Amber Manto

If you can’t get enough of Chloe and Brooklyn and their ridiculously cute relationship, then hold onto your phone coz what we are about to tell you could cause you to lose your balance.

Rumour is our fave couple in Hollywood, #Blowie, could be getting their own reality TV show... which would be quite ~interesting~ considering Chlo’s rocky history with the kween of reality TV, Kim Kardashian.

The proposed show is apparently at the centre of a bidding war with big-time TV networks vying for the rights.

“American networks are desperate to sign them up. MTV and E! are both interested, apparently,” a source told Heat magazine. “They’re prepared to offer them millions – they think it would be TV gold”

Sure would be, especially when you consider how private the two using are when it comes to their love-life.

Not everyone is so keen on the idea though with Mama Victoria worried about the exposure of her bb boi.

‘She [Victoria] thinks Brooklyn is too young. He understands their concerns but it has caused quite a lot of tension because he likes the idea of using his celebrity status for a project. But until he’s 18 next March, he has to get his mum and dad’s permission to do any TV show,’ the source added.

Not much is known about the said show, or how it’ll work exactly since Brooklyn lives in the UK and Chlo in the US but here’s hoping dad David and mum Victoria come round and make a few cameos.