Brooklyn Beckham dancing around to Justin Timberlake while swinging a pan around will make your day

No caption needed. Literally.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If like us, you're mildly obsessed with Brooklyn Beckham then you probably have alerts on your phone for whenever he posts something new.

We're not ashamed. The obsession is real.

And can you blame us, when he's constantly posting photos like this:

Work that camera bae.

Damn boy... anyway, his latest post happened to be a video which got us feeling allllll types of feels.

Dancing around a homewares store to Justin Timberlake's Can't stop the feeling! while swinging a frying pan, we can't help but imagine him doing this at home, maybe when he's cooking for Chloë. Sigh.

TBH she probably took the vid because they are like 3000% inseparable and like to rub in everyone's face how damn perfect their relationship it. We mean, according to Chlo Brooky is the perfect boyfriend of all time and all.

Keep this goofy videos rolling plz, whoever the mysterious cameraman is. We approve.