Is Brooklyn Beckham going to be a film star?!

Our prayers have been answered.

Brooklyn Beckham fans, you may want a chair for this titbit of info we’re about to give you. BROOKLYN BECKHAM IS HEADING TO HOLLYWOOD. (If the rumours are true. And we’re seriously hoping they are).

He’s already hot property in the modelling world having graced the covers of Man About Town AND Rollercoaster mag so it makes sense that he'd want to become an actor. Plus, it’s something the world would need want to see.

According to an insider at The Mirror, Brooky was recently signed to a modelling agency which could pave the way for him to work in Tinseltown.

“He is incredibly photogenic and has the handsome looks to be considered for some high-profile, big-money work,” the source said.

"Now he has been encouraged to look into a Hollywood career which he is very excited about. He yet to sign with an agent though."

Side note: this pic is not relevant to the story but we felt it needed to be included. Welcome.

Anywho, we're sure that if Brooks inherits any of the showbiz talent Posh and Becks have then he’ll get snapped up by bigwig producers in no time.