Brooklyn Beckham responds to that Yeezy t-shirt drama

So... all good between #Blowie now?

By Amber Manto

Not sure if you heard about, but earlier this week Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian got into a huge feud, and then things kicked off between Chloe Grace Moretz (who’s team #Tay) and Khloe Kardashian.

Obvs we joke. You would have had to have been stuck on a deserted island or another planet to have not heard about it.

Anyways, somehow Brooklyn found himself involved when he wore a Yeezy T-shirt and posted it all over Insta on the very same day.

Everyone was quick to assume this was basically Brookie's way of showing who he was supporting, and it wasn't his GF.

Well we can all take a nice deep breathe and chiiiil as Brookie babes, being the absolute treasure he is, has deleted said photos in support of his bae.

TBH he probs had zero clue what he was doing, or maybe he didn’t have any data left that day or something #ThatsSoBrooklyn.

He’s also reconfirmed his loyalty to Chlo posting this on Insta:

“I think I’ll keep her ❤” he captioned it.

Honesty, could these two being any more perfect?! Answer: no.