Chloë Grace Moretz found out Brooklyn's been texting someone on the sly

Everybody just stay calm, it's gonna be OK.

By Amber Manto

Chloë has previously admitted dating Brooklyn ain’t the easiest thing in the world cos #fame but seems Brooklyn might have his own dramz when it comes to dating Chlo.

You see Chloë has four brothers. And they're all VERY protective of their lil sis.

“I kinda like it, I like it when a guy comes to the door I have four very macho men to be like ‘hey, what are you doing?” Chloë told James Cordon on The Late Late Show.

“They pretty ‘Don’t mess with my sister,’” she added.

So how are Chlo's bros now that #Blowie are a confirmed couple and Brooky's been posting 3674 pics of their lil sis all over Insty?

“Now that I have a boyfriend they just correspond secretively. Like, we were all at dinner the other night and I caught my boyfriend texting my brother."

Yep she just called him her boyfriend. Your heart start racing a little faster too? K, good. Not just us.

"I was like… 'Whaaaa, what are you doing here? Why are you guys corresponding?"

Although she wasn't 100% sure, Chlo reckons they're probs just checking up on BB, making sure he's acting like a gentleman and all that (as if he'd be anything but).

She reckons they send him selfies just to remind Brooklyn they're always there, and they're always watching.

Aw cute that Chlo has some looking out for her but there's no need to stress about the future of #Blowie, Chlo went on to say her bros are big fans of him… now.