How do you feel about Brooklyn Beckham dating Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend?


By Bianca Mastroianni

Not sure how y'all are gonna take this one, but there is a very high chance that Brooklyn Beckham is now dating another ~blonde~ teen queen: Sofia Richie.


Brookie and Chloe Moretz broke up not too long ago, and around the same time Bieber and Sofia called it quits as well. Since then, Brooklyn and Sofia have been spending a lot of time together.

Maybe their broken hearts can mend one another.

On Halloween night, the two were spotted on a very cosy stroll in the middle of the night in Beverly Hills.

They were both in casual, comfy clothing rather than dress-up, and in these pics from Daily Mail, you can see how affectionate they were with each other.

A source has told the publication that they are "part of a group of friends in LA," so whaddya reckon? Good friends or something ~more~?

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