Brooklyn Beckham could be getting his own Kardashian-style reality TV show

And we couldn't be more excited. Meeeeeeeep!

Brooklyn Beckham might be getting his own reality TV show, eeeek!

When we woke up to the news that Brooklyn Beckham could be getting his own TV show, it got us out of bed faster than if Harry Styles was stood in the doorway wafting around a plate of hotly buttered toast.

Apparently ex-American Idol presenter and producer Ryan Seacrest (the guy who created Keeping Up With The Kardashians) is keen to give Brooklyn a five part reality series on E! Best. News. EVER.

A sneaky little source told UK newspaper The Daily Star that, "The show will capture his life like it really is – a mix of incredible parties, celebrities and transatlantic flights mixed with school work, hanging out with friends and going to concerts."

If his Instagram account is anything to go by, the show would be AWESOOOOOOOOME. From being adorable with his cooler-than-thou parents, to getting gifts from Kanye like it ain't no big deal and looking super buff whilst surfing with his little bro, this guy is living the life. But the best part? He seems super down-to-earth, and does as many dorky selfies and hashtags as the rest of us. You're killing us, B!

The only snag is that apparently Mama and Papa Beckham aren't keen for the show to go ahead as they're not sure he's ready for the fame. Oh pleeeeeeeeeease guys! Please, please, please!