Brooklyn Beckham sort of just chose team Kanye, so what does this mean for #Blowie?

Has he been on Twitter in the last 48 hours?!

By Bianca Mastroianni

The fight between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift has been nasty, but what it has brought to everyone's attention is who likes who in the celeb world, and who is downright enemies.

Obvs, Tay's #squad have had her back, and many... MANY people have stood up for Kim, but one alliance we didn't see coming was Brooklyn and Kanye West.

If your jaw hasn't dropped to the floor, then you're probably not up to date with the dramz, so let us fill you in...

Chloë Moretz posted a few tweets during the #TaylorExposed ordeal, clearly picking team Tay which prompted Khloé Kardashian to put on her Khlo-money hat and make the most savage tweet of all time.

But now Brooklyn - who's Chlo's boyfriend and 3000% supportive of her, posted a photo on his Instagram (which he's now deleted) of himself wearing a Yeezy shirt. It's the first and only thing we've heard from Brooky since the #war began, and we are pretty dayum shocked.

There's a small chance he could have been totes oblivious to the whole thing, meaning he would have had to have been off all types of social media/not spoken to his very close GF in the past 48 hours... which is unlikely.


We all know the linked behind Kanye's brand and this whole drama. When the lyrics to Kanye's song Famous were first revealed, it was Taylor's brother Austin who posted that vid of him throwing his pair of Yeezys in the bin...

Taylor's HEAVILY scorned ex Calvin Harris wore Yeezy sneakers to the gym a few days after the break-up with a cheeky grin on his face, which was obvs Calvin making his alliance known.

Kanye has even had issues in the past with Kylie Jenner partnering with Puma because it "betrayed" his Adidas deal... so yeah, it's safe to say that celebs wearing Kanye's brand usually means they're team #Yeeeeezayyyy.

BUT, after Chlo feuded with Kim Kardashian months ago over Kimmy's nude selfie, she was spotted out and about wearing Yeezy sneakers.

So like, they could just like the brand. Simple, really.