The internet reckons this Olympic swimmer is what Calum Hood will look like in 10 years

Pretty similar, eh?

By Sammy Stewart

That exciting time where we proudly wear green and gold, do a lot of "AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE" chanting and watch non-stop sport has come around yet again.

Yep, the 2016 Olympics have officially started.

In case you weren't planning on watching the games whatsoever, let us convince you to do otherwise with this epic finding...

The internet reckons they've found Calum Hood... in the future.

USA swimmer Nathan Adrian (he's 27 FYI) who's been doing the American team hella #proud not only just won gold, but also won the hearts of millions of 5SOS fans.

Fangirls around the world immediately began tweeting about the uncanny resemblance between the two...

Mind blowing stuff, really.