Calum Hood has taken BFF goals to a ~spiritual~ level


By Sammy Stewart

5SOS' Calum Hood has gone and said some very ~eye opening~ things about his bandmates and we're really feeling the love.

Calum Hood reckons his friendship with Mikey, Calum and Ashton dates back years and years ago. In fact, he thinks he knew the boys in past life.

"I have a theory. I'm a huge believer in, like, past lives," Cal told Kerrang!

"I feel like I've known you guys forever. So we've tried to do something in a past life, like we tried it, and tried it, and it just never worked. And in this one, we just got [it right]."

Damn, so deep babes.

To conclude the ~interesting~ interview, Mikey added this profound comment: "Maybe we've been trying for 2000 years to do something.."

While Calum added: "That's why we're so tired all the time. 2000 years of work.."

Bless this band.