UPDATE: Calvin Harris has a message for the paps who made him crash his car…


By Sammy Stewart

UPDATE: 30-06

Yesterday we were hurting for Calvin Harris who drove off with his back car door open. Paparazzis were bugging bae with Talvin questions and clearly he didn’t love it.

Since the clip’s (see above) gone viral, Calvin has sent out the ~sassiest~ response to those pesky paps:

Hmm, not sure if actual apology or sarcasm. Either way, you do you, Calvin.

Original article: 29-06

We dunno about you but we really just wanna give Calvin Harris a big ol hug right about now.

While Taylor's been falling hard and fast for Tom Hiddleston, Calvin has been working on his revenge bod...

As he was leaving his daily gym session and hopping into his VERY fancy Range Rover, the pesky paparazzi decided it was cool to ruin Calvin's post-workout buzz by asking him the questions NO-ONE wants to hear after a breakup: "What's next for you? Who are you dating now?"

Clearly churned up by the invasive questions, poor Calvin forgot to close his car door and proceeded to reverse with the back door open. Yep, it's a heartbreaking sight.

Watch the clip above and prepare to feel a desperate urge to send Calvin a sweet DMs.